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Halloween 2k14: GA and fem!GA costumes by KiKiKittyNinja Halloween 2k14: GA and fem!GA costumes :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 3 0
Halloween (Not so) Fun-- TNGA
Last year….
Andrew watched with a mixture of confusion and annoyance as his older brother frisked him once more this evening.  This had to be the third or forth time the older, blonde state had done this.  What was worse was that each time he did this, Tennessee would politely asked why they were going through this and Georgia would just say, “You’ll see.”  He wasn’t even being vague at this point!  Just annoying.  No they were in a parking lot in Norcross, tough Georgia had made a point in saying they needed to walk there.  Where were they going that required a frisking an a journey on foot?
The taller boy finally finished up, satisfied to finding no concealed weapons on the old-frontier’s person and grinned before standing up.  Chris gave Andrew a slap to the back side and laughed obnoxiously.  ”Glad you actually listened to me an’ didn’ bring nothin’ wi’d ya~!”  Andr
:iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 1 0
Rune-- Facial rough sketch by KiKiKittyNinja Rune-- Facial rough sketch :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 2 0
Had Things Been Different... Part 14
The room was dimly lit, the flicker of some candles providing the only source of light.  The two wine glasses by the bed poorly reflected back the image of the two bodies in the bed as the mingles and rolled along the sheets.  Passionate kisses couple with the occasional nip only made the sensual experience even more heated.  Rutilio's tan hands roamed over the pale skin of the woman he was caressing.  Her blond hair flowed over the pillows into a golden cluster.  Her breathing was heavy with small moans of excitement and pleasure as he continued to tease her.  "Christine..."
The moaning quickly stopped and the girl opened her brown eyes in surprise at the slip.  "Christine?!"  She sat up quickly, and Rutilio had enough experience with this to time his backing up to avoid a collision with his surprised partner.
"D- Did I saw Christine?  I meant Maria~."
The girl narrowed her eyes and frowned, and indignant blush spread across her face.
:iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 2 6
The Problem with Ghosts... by KiKiKittyNinja The Problem with Ghosts... :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 1 0 Troll Georgia by KiKiKittyNinja Troll Georgia :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 3 3 Fem!GA head shot by KiKiKittyNinja Fem!GA head shot :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 2 0 Sherman's Trail by KiKiKittyNinja
Mature content
Sherman's Trail :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 2 0
Shiny Umbreon- Punk Gijinka by KiKiKittyNinja Shiny Umbreon- Punk Gijinka :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 4 8 Self Portrait for askStateofGeorgia by KiKiKittyNinja Self Portrait for askStateofGeorgia :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 1 0
Baby Georgia
Alabama sat down across from England with both a smile and a look of determination.  He knew there wasn't a guarantee he could get the answers he was looking for, but there was a chance.  After all, the person he was asking about had repeated made the slip of the tongue when addressing the nation as "daddy".  Since he was being so difficult over such a silly thing, Alabama was going to have to pull out the big guns and go to England with help on this one.
The British man sighed lightly as he picked up the tea kettle and poured himself a cup whilst trying to ignore Alabama's wiggling.  "Well, I assume you paid me a visit for a reason other than to chat and get to know one another, so I suppose we should get straight to the point of your visit rather than beat around the bush via idle chitter cha--"
"I want you to tell me what Chrissy was like as a baby!" James blurted out more than happily.  He almost instantly took regret since it seemed that even though Arthur
:iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 2 5
Early Christmas Picture-- WIP by KiKiKittyNinja Early Christmas Picture-- WIP :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 3 0 Nurse Peaches Vs. Patient Daisy by KiKiKittyNinja Nurse Peaches Vs. Patient Daisy :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 3 13 Nurse Peaches Vs. Patient Daisy by KiKiKittyNinja Nurse Peaches Vs. Patient Daisy :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 3 5 AskStateofGeorgia Winter Picture by KiKiKittyNinja AskStateofGeorgia Winter Picture :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 6 9 Little Peach and the Big Bad Wolf by KiKiKittyNinja Little Peach and the Big Bad Wolf :iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 3 18


Happy holidays from deviantART!

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through dA,
Not a troll was stirring, nor Grinch in his sleigh.
Deviations were hung in digital Galleries with care,
In hopes that +Favourites soon would be there.
The n00bs were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Daily Deviations danced in their heads.
And Fella in his 'kerchief, and spyed with his night-light,
Had just settled down to log-off for the night,
When over in the Forums there arose such a clatter,
Fella sprang back online to see what was the matter.
To the browser window he flew like a flash,
Tore open the tabs and refreshed the cache.
When what to his art-loving eyes should appear,
But an animated sleigh and eight commissioned reindeer,
With a little old driver, so creative and slick,
Fella knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than broadband, his reindeer were famed,
After all his favorite art
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,713 3,170
Valentine Sylveon by Midna01 Valentine Sylveon :iconmidna01:Midna01 1,160 60 Commission #72 by Midna01 Commission #72 :iconmidna01:Midna01 1,388 94 Piano Braixen by Midna01 Piano Braixen :iconmidna01:Midna01 666 34 Commission #69 (1/2) by Midna01 Commission #69 (1/2) :iconmidna01:Midna01 853 49 Gorillaz: INTRUDER...alert? by Zilkenian Gorillaz: INTRUDER...alert? :iconzilkenian:Zilkenian 85 36 Gorillaz: Third Bond by Zilkenian Gorillaz: Third Bond :iconzilkenian:Zilkenian 91 12 TF2 and Inside Out: Scout's Emotions by Zilkenian TF2 and Inside Out: Scout's Emotions :iconzilkenian:Zilkenian 138 7 TF2 and Inside Out: Spy's Emotions by Zilkenian TF2 and Inside Out: Spy's Emotions :iconzilkenian:Zilkenian 92 19 Ninja Vulpix - Gijinka design by RoCkBaT Ninja Vulpix - Gijinka design :iconrockbat:RoCkBaT 108 27 PMD - Team Charm gijinkas by RoCkBaT PMD - Team Charm gijinkas :iconrockbat:RoCkBaT 159 33 Steven Universe - Crystal Gem doodles by RoCkBaT Steven Universe - Crystal Gem doodles :iconrockbat:RoCkBaT 135 53 Don't Look at Me by Nintendraw Don't Look at Me :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 4 0 Vocaloid MMD-Magnet (Requiem Kaito) by Nintendraw Vocaloid MMD-Magnet (Requiem Kaito) :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 10 2 Yusei Minami/Latios Painterly WIP 2 by Nintendraw Yusei Minami/Latios Painterly WIP 2 :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 2 0 Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse by ArtistAbe Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 731 59


My brave face includes my cheeks soaked in tears, snot running down my face, and me hyperventilating while trying to convince myself to continue watching Grave Encounters 2 before screaming like a bitch and nearly breaking my fiance's arm with the death grip I have while at the same time burying my face into his shoulder and sobbing harder as he tries not to laugh at me and fails.  Thank God he turned it off after the little girl.  Honestly, Nathan probably would have taken a picture of the look on my face had he not known just how bothered I was.  Still, I think I would have had to go with him to work and listen to him explain to his bosses why his fiance was with him in the store and jumpy as hell at three in the morning had we finished that movie or watched another scary one after thatů.  Still not going to bed though.

On the plus side, I got to see Super Troopers for the first time since it was released on VHS.
  • Listening to: Kagamine Len: Time and Limit
  • Reading: Roleplays that I need to reply to....
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KiKiKittyNinja's Profile Picture
Kaitlyn Rose W.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Kaitlyn Rose, but that's as much as you'll get out of me while I'm here. If I get to know you better, I might eventually tell you more about myself.

I don't often draw due to my lack of time and the fact that I have to do everything the traditional way of pencil, paper, ink, and I have to scan it or take a photograph of it. I'm learning how to take pictures that aren't completely blurry, but I can't always get the camera to behave for me.

I used to really wish I could become an artist, but I've long given up on that idea due to how many times I've been told I just won't make it as an artist. Instead, I'm now enlisted in the Army and plan to ship out on February 27, 2012! Funny how life works out, huh? So, about the Army. I was in for 9 months and 4 days. As it turns out, the Army is not for everyone. I wasn't released to misbehaving or anything illegal... I was injured in July and never really recovered from it. There's more to it, which you might find something about it in an old journal entry, but do know I'm doing better now that I'm out and looking for a home and a job.

I admit, I am a TOTAL anime nerd and squeal in joy when I find a series I like or fan art based off of a series I enjoy. I try to cosplay, but so far I have not gotten to do many due to my being unemployed and all of the cosplays I want to do being ungodly expensive. How ever, if I remember to take pictures of future cosplays I do, I need to try to remember to post them here.

If you want to befriend me here on DeviArt, I usually will. If you watch me, I'll blush for a good hour out of pride and probably be more motivated to try finishing my drawings/ uploading photographs faster. Any favorites people do makes me grin like a fool. I swear, I'm not joking! I'm so modest that any positive attention makes me giddy with excitement! I find it embarrassing, but all my "real world" friends find it cute and tease me about it.

Main Tumblr Account:
Ask State of Georgia Tumblr:
Current Residence: I'm in Georgia... That's about all you'll get, but at least now you know why I have the State of Georgia Hetalia OCs...
Favourite genre of music: I don't particularly have a particular genre of music I prefer... Though, I will admit I recently got a Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid wallet recently... In my defense, it holds more than my old wallet and is cuter and slimmer!
Favourite style of art: I love doing nature photographs and photos on architecture. However, I also love to draw and paint, though my drawings are usually "cartoony" or done in an "anime/manga" style or "chibis".
MP3 player of choice: iPod Shuffle (I even have one of the newer iPod Shuffles)
Favourite cartoon character: Prussia from Hetalia (I can't help it. I have a soft spot for egotistical albinos-- and I found that my last name is of Prussian decent which only adds to how much I love this character.)
Personal Quote: They once told me I was mad, but then I burst out laughing...


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